"I really enjoyed working with Julie.  She really helped me get organized and get everything together.  I wouldn't have finished nearly as fast as I did without her help.  I had a schedule and followed it very closely.  It was never too much to do at any time.  I think starting out with her in the summer was a big advantage too because I was not rushed with any of applications.  It was almost completely stress free and I finished with everything in November."

                Juli Reed, Student



"Julie really personalized the process, introducing my daughter to the places that were the best fit for her.  We were very happy with the colleges that she found and now my daughter has excellent options for next year."

                Samantha Talley, Parent



"Writing the essay became a whole lot more manageable with Julie's help.  She was very good at helping me decide my essay topic and my essay's direction.  In the end, I felt that the writing represented me well, expressing what I wanted schools to know about me.  I was really proud of the final product."

                Kate Sherman, Student



"Julie really helped me with where I should apply.  She introduced me to a whole range of schools that I hadn't even considered.  Before I began working with Julie, figuring out where to apply was very difficult.  With her help and extra research into schools it was made so much easier."

                Alex Reed, Student



"There is a great rapport that Julie has with high school students.  She has a great way of relating to a seventeen year old, making it a comfortable environment, while still earning respect.  She strikes a good balance of providing encouragement and expertise."

                Janice Goldstein, Parent


"Julie has been professional, patient and courteous throughout my daughter's college admission process.  She has taken the burden off of our shoulders and helped my daughter to get admitted to the college of her choice."

                Carlotta Chan, Parent